Controlling Chronic Pain in the Absence of EMF

As electronic devices grow in daily use, so does the amount of electromagnetic fields (EMF). EMF is a physical force of electrically charged objects that cannot be seen by the naked eye. Clinical and published studies have shown that EMF has a direct impact on chronic pain. Farabloc is a cloth like material that has been tested and proven to provide high EMF protection when wrapped or placed on the area of injury.

Farabloc is a pain relief system used in various fields of managing chronic and acute pain. Patients who use Farabloc report less pain, faster recovery and better sleep as a result of decreasing their exposure to high EMF. Farabloc was invented more than 30 years ago to combat amputee phantom limb pain and has since been researched and recognized by health agencies and organizations in both Europe and North America.

Recent News

Improving Functional Outcomes for Vascular Amputees Through Use of Mirror Therapy and Elimination of the Effects of Electromagnetic Fields.

PubMed-LogoThis study aimed to ascertain the effectiveness of using a combined treatment protocol of eliminating electromagnetic fields by use of the Farabloc technology and the exercise program of Mirror Therapy. The main hypothesis was that the combined treatment protocol would have a more significant effect than either treatment in isolation. Decreasing edema and the discomfort due to phantom limb pain would improve the functional activities and quality of life of vascular amputees with lower extremity amputations. This was found to be true.
Occupational Therapy Health Care, 2016

PMID: 26295593

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