Recognition & Endorsements

War Amps of Canada

Shelley Henderson, the director of communications, wrote: “… several Departments within The War Amps maintain active files on FARABLOC. . . .Certainly many of our war amps feel that your product is effective in combating phantom limb pain. We continue to send the information out on a regular basis and have, of course, published extensive material on it in The Fragment magazine.”

Award Prosthetics Inc.

A unique and innovative method of utilizing the properties of FARABLOC is to incorporate the fabric into the design of the prosthetic socket. Incorporating FARABLOC into the lamination process is not difficult, explains Certified Prosthetist Tony van der Waarde.

OTTO BOCK Health Care GmbH, Germany

Otto Bock, a leader of innovative products, services and education for the enhancement for physical mobility and comfort, recommends Farabloc as an excellent option to treat over-strain related knee and and low back pain.

Andreas Kannenberg, M.D. Director of MedicalAffairs”

North Bristol NHS Trust

North Bristol NHS Trust provides hospital and community healthcare to the residents of Bristol, South Gloucestershire and North Somerset and is the specialist regional centre for major trauma, neurosciences, plastics and burns, orthopaedics and renal services. North Bristol NHS recognizes Farabloc as a pain management technique for phantom pain.