How to Use Farabloc

Farabloc’s patented design is available in various sizes of cloth up to and including blankets and full body gowns (as used in fibromyalgia studies). It is tailored into optimum shapes for treating different conditions.
Farabloc’s greatest attribute is that it is frequently more effective than pharmaceuticals or other radical therapies, a way to avoid permanent medication and surgery in many situations. No prescription is required to buy or use it simply because there are no significant side effects. It does not work in 100 per cent of situations, but it can do no harm.

A degree of trial and error may be required by each patient to find the most effective and comfortable way to use Farabloc, or the Farabloc design for the specific purpose. Farabloc may be uncomfortable to wear in bed and difficult to use when at work or in public.

How to use

Cover or wrap the painful area with a single or double layer of the Farabloc fabric. For the greatest pain relief, a double layer is recommended. To increase your comfort without affecting the efficacy of Farabloc you can place a thin layer of cotton or linen fabric between your skin and Farabloc. Satisfied users find that Farabloc creates a warming effect. To sustain pain relief, it is important that you keep Farabloc on for some time.


It is necessary to completely cover the scar area plus 2-3 inches of surrounding healthy skin. Farabloc can be laminated into a prosthesis (Award Prosthetics). Apply a limb cover after removing the prosthesis and allow the Farabloc to act as a preventative, stopping the pain before it starts.

Chronic Pain Users:

Wear the Farabloc over the pain area until the pain subsides. If you suffer from acute inflammatory arthritis please visit your health provider.

Sports Related Injuries:

Farabloc can be worn before, during and after exercise. Cover the area of the body which is causing the pain.

Flexible, fast acting and reusable

  • Farabloc looks and feels like linen, is washable and may be used repeatedly without losing its unique properties
  • Farabloc looks and feels like linen and can be washed, dried and reused.
  • Farabloc should be hung to dry or machine dried. Do not wring the material.
  • Farabloc can be cut, sewn and ironed like any other fabric.
  • Farabloc can be applied repeatedly without losing its effect.
  • Farabloc aids muscle relaxation and relieves lower back pain.
  • Farabloc may create a warming effect.
  • To sustain pain relief it is important that you keep Farabloc on for some time.
  • According to clinical studies, a double layer of Farabloc increases its effectiveness.