Frequently Asked Questions

Will Farabloc work for me?2016-06-02T21:25:33-07:00

Every individual and every pain is different. If you are suffering from phantom limb pain, chronic pain, or sports related injuries Farabloc has shown to ease pain. The effects of Farabloc work differently for each individual and you must work with your own body to realize how Farabloc best works for you. This means self testing to see when Farabloc has the greatest impact on you. Things to monitor: How you are applying the product; How often you are applying the product; How long you are applying the product for; What time of day are you applying the product; How many layers of Farabloc are you using. If you suffer from acute, inflammatory or debilitating arthritis you should visit your professional health provider.

What if Farabloc doesn’t work for me?2016-06-02T21:20:23-07:00

If you are not experiencing relief from pain with the application of Farabloc, Farabloc Development Corporation offers a 30 day money back guarantee. Because of production costs there will be a 15% restocking fee on all returns unless there were sewing defects or shipping errors.

How long should I wear the Farabloc material?2016-06-02T21:20:06-07:00

Every individual and every pain is different. If you are suffering from chronic pain, relief may be experienced within 20 minutes up to two weeks after applying the Farabloc. For intermittent pain, Farabloc can act as a preventative if caught at the first indicator of pain, otherwise pain relief may be experienced immediately up to several hours.

How do I know if it is working?2016-06-02T21:19:50-07:00

Many users describe a warming feeling and a tingling sensation in the area where the Farabloc has been applied. It is important to realize that you have to work with the Farabloc to realize which application best works with your body.

Are there any side-effects from using Farabloc?2016-06-02T21:18:54-07:00

There are no side effects known from using Farabloc, but if somebody is allergic to stainless steel or nylon (most people are not) you may find discomfort when skin is in contact with the material. In this case, it is recommended that a piece of linen (cotton) is placed between your skin and the Farabloc.

How much does Farabloc cost?2016-06-02T21:18:34-07:00

Farabloc products range in price according to each item. Price is based on quantity of material used, complexity of sewing pattern, and whether the item is made-to-measure or not. The Faraband wrist application starts at $40 CAD. Prices are subject to change.

How long will Farabloc last?2016-06-02T21:18:09-07:00

The effectiveness of a Farabloc product may last up to five years. Its effectiveness depends on the frequency of use and the method of use. Farabloc’s effectiveness is correlated with the wear and tear of the product. If your Farabloc blanket is placed underneath your bed sheet, life expectancy of the product may exceed five years.


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