Carpal Tunnel Syndrome Pain Relief – Testimonials

“Being a meat and fish manager, cutting long hours, my right wrist was constantly sore and swollen. I was able to wear the faraband day and night for just under 16 weeks. The swelling and tenderness of the wrist is gone. I still slip it on 3 to 4 nights a week and it still feeling great.”
Derek West
“I use Farabloc on my wrists for carpal tunnel syndrome. I work a job at the University of British Columbia that requires a lot of data entry so I had a lot pain in that area for many years. I recently got a Faraband for my wrist and felt the warm sensation and the pain relief almost right away.”
Larry Gardiner
“I recently had surgery for Carpal Tunnel Syndrome. Immediately following removal of the stitches I started using the Farabloc Mitt. I wore it every night for about two months and my hand always felt so warm and relaxed but not sweaty. Recovery has been excellent. I was able to go back to regular activities sooner than the doctor had initially indicated. I was able to lift heavy items and use the rotary wrist motion much more quickly than had been anticipated, sometimes even surprising myself. . . I am grateful for the added support of the Farabloc Mitt in speeding my recovery”
Ken Holland