Chronic Musculoskeletal Pain – Testimonials

Robert Goodrick discusses how Farabloc has helped alleviate his chronic knee pain

“I had two Farabloc knee socks made for me and I began wearing them skiing. For me to ski I got to the point where I had to wear knee braces to go skiing. I wore the Farabloc socks under my knee brace and after two seasons of probably 20-30 days of wearing the Farabloc, the pain is gone. Literally gone. Today I am totally free of pain. I ski without knee braces, I walk everywhere I want to go without any discomfort. The pain in my knees is a distant memory.”
Robert Goodrick

Janet Mason discusses how Farabloc has helped her with general sports injuries and muscle recovery

“I usually wear it after the activity, say if I swim in the evening, I would come home and wear the suit to bed and so I would sleep with it on all night. Where you might have a recovery of 4-5 days, I found that with the Farabloc after 1-2 days you didn’t feel like you had any more of the muscle fatigue and soreness.”
Janet Mason
“It is my pleasure to relate my experience in the use of Farabloc. In March 2004 I underwent total knee replacement by Dr. Kendall at Richmond Hospital. At that time I was put on his list for a hip replacement on the same side. He told me he would not perform the surgery for at least six months, in order for the knee to completely recover. In the meantime he arranged for me to have cortisone shots in the hip to relieve me of pain in the hip. They worked extremely well for many months but then the pain came back with a vengeance. Having listened to Dr. Hister on CKNW promoting the use of Farabloc I decided to call your Coquitlam office. A very pleasant lady told me it may help, after I told her my situation, so I ordered some material.

Back in August I had spent all morning thoroughly cleaning my car inside and out. When I was finished I was experiencing excruciating pain, but as luck would have it, when picking up our mail there was a brown envelope from Farabloc. I could not open the envelope fast enough to see if it would have any effect on my pain. When opened it was a piece of fabric neatly folded in about a 7″ square, I put it inside my shorts and sat down, within minutes I felt wonderful relief from the pain. I have worn it every day, except at night, since mid August without pain. I’m well aware that it is not a cure but if it will keep me pain free for a length of time I am happy. At 86 years of age the less surgeries the happier I am. I have told many of my friends what relief it has given me and given them all your information.

Thank you for the pain free period I have enjoyed and I hope it will continue to be effective.”

W. H (Vancouver, B.C.)
“I had been advised that recovery from an injury of this nature would be a slow and painful process, and thought that I had prepared myself for that. However, after fourteen months of daily pain, continuing inflammation, restricted mobility, and additional unpleasant side-effects from medications prescribed to alleviate my physical distress, I was frankly becoming weary of the whole process, and struggling with the additional burden of depression. Then, things literally turned around with the discovery of your product!”
“I am an elderly person, 70 years of age, and plagued by lower back pains due to ulcerated discs, by sciatic pain and by general arthritis in my hands, neck, shoulders . . .As the pains tend to wander, I did not cut the blanket to make into a garment, but prefer to wrap it around the “sore” spot. . . .I jokingly call it my miracle blanket and am grateful for it, because it certainly soothes the pain.”
“I have had tendonitis for five years in my arms. They were very painful especially when I laid down on them… My friend told me about Farabloc. I spent hundreds of dollars on anti-inflammatory, ended up flushing them down the toilet as they made me very ill. . . The day I bought my Farabloc my arms were so sore I wanted to take a Demerol but my family was visiting from out of town, I didn’t want to be doped up so I laid with my Farabloc and had a nap. . . I noticed my arms were feeling better, so I wore the Farabloc all night. For the first time in years there was relief from pain.”
“Feb. the 2, 90 I received the B- Farabloc Blanket, right then I put it around my painful arthritis knee which was very painful for quite a while. . . . .I left it on till the next day, it was the first time I did sleep through the night without pain.

I cannot find the suitable words to express my gratitude to Mr. Frieder Kempe for his invention of the steel-fibred fabric! I am so excited about it that I want to spread the word around, in order to help others who suffer. Since I use this fabric sheet every night, it is the first time in the last 20 years that I sleep a whole night through without waking up! It’s a dream come true!”

“We purchased a blanket 27″ x 27″ and are very pleased as its given my husband great relief of phantom pains and also helped his arthritis in wrists.”
“Since my daughter gave me a Farabloc blanket three years ago, I have used it every night, sometimes also during a midday rest, on my “bad days”. I have taken it along on many travels to Asia and found it beneficial even in the hot tropics.”
“I feel moved today to write to you to express my unqualified gratitude for the magnificent release from pain I have experienced through the use of your incredible Farabloc fabric! . . . Seventeen months ago I suffered a complex lower leg fracture which involved my knee joint, and required extensive surgical repair, including the insertion of several pins, screws and a metal plate to support the affected areas through the subsequent stages of healing.”
“Hi Frieder,

I haven’t been training much these past few months; actually been on more of a maintenance program for most of the year when I think about it. Then the other week I picked up a bug while in Alberta and spent a week with the flu and really no energy at all. Some friends invited me to go rock climbing at the indoor wall in North Vancouver Friday night, and I really didn’t feel up to it. All throughout the week my whole body ached with that horrible body ache you get with the flu. So I passed on Friday night, but put myself down as a maybe for Sunday, thinking I still wouldn’t be ready.

As it turned out I did go on Sunday, and considering I hadn’t lifted a finger all week, I felt remarkably good. So good in fact that I ended up climbing an over hanging route that afterwards left me thinking, “Wow, you really should not have done that; you’re going to be so sore the next day”.

With that in mind I wore the Farabloc jacket to bed that night. For some reason I didn’t sleep very well that night. I was quite hot, and I wondered whether it might be the jacket making me hot, but didn’t take it off, as I really wanted to see if it would make any difference to what I felt would be a quite stiff and sore body over the next few days. To my amazement; I woke up absolutely fine; not even the slightest bit sore in my forearms even, which really surprised as like I said; I hadn’t lifted a finger all week, and really hadn’t climbed for months prior to that. Usually, my forearms, back and shoulders would be quite sore.



Warren Macdonald

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