Arthritis, Fibromyalgia and Ankylosing Spondilytis Pain Relief – Testimonials

Mildred Dennis discusses Farabloc for the relief of Osteoarthritis Pain

“It was so comforting and warm. The pain wasn’t there and the pain wasn’t there and each day it got better. I would wear it all night and sometimes through the day; whenever it was sore. It was just fine.”
Mildred Dennis
“Farabloc is now the “Standard of Care” for Phantom Limb Pain. I have been in private practice as a specialist in Physical Medicine since 1990. It is important to note that further publications have been done to examine the effect of Farabloc on the rehabilitation of muscle injury:
Clinical Journal of Sports Medicine, Philadelphia, PA; 2000 Jan; 10(1): 15-21

as well as it’s effect on Fibromyalgia, awaiting publication in Clinical Rheumatology, UK, in 2006.


I feel ecstatic and I must write this note to tell you why.
I have been suffering from osteoarthritis of the knee for a long time. Being an ardent badminton player.
I could only enjoy 2 games the most during my twice-weekly workouts.
Since I’ve used Farabloc knee covers, I am now playing more than 3 games a night!
My family and badminton kakis are surprised about my recovery.
My knee pain has lessened and I am physically in better shape.
Douglas, Singapore
I have personally prescribed Farabloc to a number of patients with Fibromyalgia and Regional Myofascial Pain. Since 1997, I have been using pulsed magnetic fields (Pulsed Signal Therapy) to treat osteoarthritis, chronic musculoskeletal pain secondary to trauma and work injury and chronic sports injury(
Pulsed Signal Therapy(PST) and Farabloc may have something in common. PST involves the passage of low frequency magnetic pulses through tissue. This promotes healing and tissue regeneration. Farabloc has been shown to block high frequency radiation from entering tissue. I think PST and Farabloc could be used in a complementary fashion for the treatment of chronic soft tissue pain.”
Cecil Hershler, MD, PhD, FRCP(C) , Vancouver, B.C. Canada Director of the Vancouver PST Clinic March 2006
“My name is Joanne, I am 53 and I was diagnosed with fibromyalgia in 1997. Since then I have tried just about everything to get relief. For the last 8 years (twice a week) I have been going for acupuncture, tens and ultra sound to get relief. This past March I was given a health magazine and there was an article in there about Farabloc. I ordered a sheet and have not had to go for treatments since the beginning of May. I cannot tell you how wonderful it is to feel good again, without constant pain. This is like an answer to my prayers. I’ll tell everyone about it.”
Joanne, Vancouver, B.C. Canada Director of the Vancouver PST Clinic March 2006
“Recently, my brother purchased a Farabloc square and mitt from you, in hopes it would give me some much-needed relief from my osteo-arthritis pains. My arthritis progressed rapidly, swollen joints which are now becoming deformed and sleep was almost impossible, and the more tired I got the more the pain increased. I cannot tolerate the usual medications that are prescribed such as Motrin, endorphin etc., so I appeared a hopeless case. I am happy to say that I now enjoy relief from the excruciating pain and I am now able to fall asleep and be comfortable. I wear the cloth on my shoulder and the mitt on my most painful hand. I feel a lovely airy warm glow instead of the terrible pain. I will certainly tell my Doctor about your cloth, and I thank you for manufacturing it and I can’t thank brother enough for getting them for me.”