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  • Farabloc can be washed cut, sewn and ironed like any other fabric. It is versatile, fast acting and reusable.
  • Wrap the target area with the Farabloc. If necessary, you can place a thin layer of linen fabric (cotton) between the skin and Farabloc.
  • For best results, you may want to double or triple the Farabloc material.
  • Farabloc can create a heat effect or tingling of the skin. These sensations are a result of heat reflection and the action of the patented Farabloc fabric.
  • It is recommended that Farabloc is worn with direct contact to skin. However, it can be separated by a linen like cloth (cotton recommended).
  • For amputees, it is necessary to cover the scar area with Farabloc when the phantom limb sensation first begins. All other scars must be covered with the Farabloc material.
  • Farabloc can be hand or machine-washed / rinsed at high temperature (40° Celsius; 104° Fahrenheit) and tumbled dry low. Care should be taken not to damage or twist the metal fibres inside. We recommend air-drying. The material must NEVER be wrung. The use of fabric softener is NOT recommended