Our product

Amputee Limb CoverFarabloc has been subjected to many years of scientific studies at some of the world’s greatest institutions to the point where incontrovertible evidence exists of its impact and value with some medical conditions.
Farabloc continues to be studied because of the vast body of evidence from clinical trials and the testimonials of health professionals and patients demonstrating pain relief and therapeutic value with a growing list of other ailments.

No health remedy is 100 % successful with 100 % of patients, but these studies confirm the benefits of Farabloc to the vast majority of users.

If a newcomer to Farabloc needs any convincing that it is an amazing product, they need only cover a radio or cell phone with it. Signals cannot penetrate. The device will be rendered ineffective. Another curiosity, for reasons completely unknown to science, is that Farabloc seems to absorb and dissipate odors.