Professional Recognition and Endorsements

Video discussion with Professor Doctor Douglas Bruce Clement

“I have been involved in Sports Medicine for many years, and I never came across a product like Farabloc. This electromagnetic shielding fabric not only relieves pain but reduces inflammation. Farabloc is an effective alternative for pain reduction and injury recovery.”
Douglas Bruce Clement CM BSc MD FACSM Professor Emeritus, Division of Sports Medicine, University of British Columbia

International prosthetist discusses his success in helping his clients

“At Awards Prosthetics we use Farabloc in all our prosthetics. Since using Farabloc within the prosthetics and as a  limb cover, it has made a huge difference in the lives of majority of the clients I see everyday.”
Tony Van der Waarde , International Prosthetist, Award Prosthetics

Executive Director BC Chiropractic Association discusses Farabloc

“The results for most people have been very satisfying but the biggest effect was on reduction of pain, improvement of function and for some of them reduction of pills and other medications.

It was very clear that Farabloc material has more clinical and research information than a lot of things that public uses for health care.

There are two amazing things about Farabloc. One is that it works so incredible well w chronic connective tissue injuries, things where there is inflammation, swelling and extreme pain. The other thing is how fast it begins to work.”

Dr.Don Nixdorf Executive Director, BC Chiropractic Association


Amputee athlete Stephanie Dixon discusses the use of Farabloc for Athletic Muscle Pain and Scoliosis Back Pain

“Muscle recovery in swimming is extremely crucial. We’re swimming so much that we have to be recovered from the first practice to the next. We finish swimming at 7:30 at night and we have to be ready in peak performance for 5:30 the next morning, so that’s only a few hours to get your body recovered.

Anything that can help that will help that recovery go faster is always something that we are looking for and Farabloc is my biggest savior in that area and when I go to sleep and I am in pain, the next morning I wake up and I am ready to go at it at the pool again”

Stephanie Dixon Athlete, University of British Columbia

Secondary school pole vaulter achieves athletic success after using Farabloc

“I used Farabloc on my hamstring, recommended to me by Doug Clement of UBC sports medicine through my couch and it drastically reduced my recovery time. I went to go see my physiotherapist on the Friday and she was amazed at the rate of recovery of my leg and said it would be possible for me to compete. On Saturday I competed and I managed to win the BC high school championships for pole vault. I would recommend Farabloc to anyone who has a sports related injury.”
Athlete, St. George Secondary School

Three time Olympian athlete shares his success with Farabloc

“I’m Brian Johns from the UBC Thunderbirds Swim Team, and I got into Farabloc when I was recovering from a rotator cuff injury. It really helped me out to wear the Farabloc Jacket after each workout, because I was just coming back and I was in a great amount of pain.

It definitely helped me relieve all the symptoms from the pain and allowed me to recover quickly from the workouts that I was experiencing at the time, and to be able to recover from my injury quickly and get back in the water.

Now, I’m swimming faster than I ever swam before and performing better than I could ever dream of.”

Brian John, Three time Canadian Olympian Swimmer

Jane Mason discusses how Farabloc has helped her with general sports injuries and muscle recovery

“I usually wear it after the activity, say if I swim in the evening, I would come home and wear the suit to bed and so I would sleep with it on all night. Where you might have a recovery of 4-5 days, I found that with the Farabloc after 1-2 days you didn’t feel like you had any more of the muscle fatigue and soreness.”
Jane Mason

Arthritis / Fibromyalgia / Ankylosing Spondilytis

Mildred Dennis discusses Farabloc for the relief of Osteoarthritis Pain

“It was so comforting and warm. The pain wasn’t there and the pain wasn’t there and each day it got better. I would wear it all night and sometimes through the day; whenever it was sore. It was just fine.”
Mildred Dennis

General Pain

Robert Goodrick discusses how Farabloc has helped alleviate his chronic knee pain

“I had two Farabloc knee socks made for me and I began wearing them skiing. For me to ski I got to the point where I had to wear knee braces to go skiing. I wore the Farabloc socks under my knee brace and after two seasons of probably 20-30 days of wearing the Farabloc, the pain is gone. Literally gone. Today I am totally free of pain. I ski without knee braces, I walk everywhere I want to go without any discomfort. The pain in my knees is a distant memory.”
Robert Goodrick