Farabloc Development Corp1998 Research Paper “The Efficacy of Farabloc an Electromagnetic Shield in Delayed Onset Muscle Soreness”

Robert Tait McKenzie MedallionAt the Canadian Academy of Sports Medicine Annual General Meeting held at Whistler, British Columbia in 1998, the research paper “The Efficacy of Farabloc, an Electromagnetic Shield in Delayed onset Muscle Soreness was awarded the best research presentation for that year.

Dr. Robert Tait McKenzie
The Medallion presented to the research team commemorated Dr. Robert Tait McKenzie who was widely recognized for his work in medicine as well as physical education and sculpture. A prolific writer, athlete, artist and collector, this famous Canadian is remembered for his work at both McGill University and the University of Pennsylvania.

Allan McGavin Sports Medicine Centre
The Allan McGavin Sports Medicine Centre was established at the University of British Columbia in 1979. The first sports medicine centre to be established in a Canadian University which combined the Faculty of Medicine and the School of Human Kinetics, the reserve division is headed by another McKenzie, Dr. Don McKenzie. Under his leadership the UBC centre has developed a worldwide reputation for the study and application of exercise in the elderly, children with malignancy, breast cancer and for both hypo and hyperbaric conditions.