Blanket and Wraps



Blankets and wraps can be used on any part of the body. If you are using the wrap on the arm, back or leg area, cover the area and hold the Farabloc in place using a tensor/ace bandage. Make sure the tensor/ace bandage stretches with your body and does not stop circulation.

Blankets can be used under or over the body when sleeping. If you sleep on your back it is common to place the blanket under the sheets.

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Size Product Number Price Size (cm) Size (inches)
Size B 110 $129.00 50x50cm 20x20inches
Size C 115 $177.00  48x98cm 19x39inches
Size D 120 $249.00 75x85cm 30x34inches
Size E 125 $347.00 On Sale: $277.60 85x145cm 34x58inches


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