Chronic Acute Pain – How Farabloc Helps

Farabloc’s effectiveness is connected to the ability of the material to shield from Electromagnetic Fields (EMF) in the High (HF) and Ultra High (UHF) Frequency range. Such fields are for example generated by wireless devices, like cell phones or radio antennas. They are also produced naturally…

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Farabloc and how to use it

Farabloc’s patented design is available in various sizes of cloth up to and including blankets and full body gowns (as used in fibromyalgia studies). It is tailored into optimum shapes for treating different conditions.

Farabloc’s greatest attribute is that it is frequently far more effective than pharmaceuticals or other radical therapies, a way to avoid permanent medication and surgery in many situations. No prescription is required to buy or use it.

Product Care

Farabloc can be washed cut, sewn and ironed like any other fabric. It is versatile, fast acting and reusable. Do not wring the material when wet, this may cause the fibers to tear and the Farabloc to become ineffective.

How long will Farabloc last?

The effectiveness of a Farabloc product may last up to five years. Its effectiveness depends on the frequency of use and the method of use. Farabloc’s effectiveness is correlated with the wear and tear of the product. If your Farabloc blanket is placed underneath your bed sheet, life expectancy of the product may exceed five years.

How much does Farabloc cost?

Farabloc products range in price according to each item. Price is based on quantity of material used, complexity of sewing pattern, and whether the item is made-to-measure or not. The Faraband wrist application starts at $40 CAD. Prices are subject to change.

Are there any side-effects from using Farabloc?

There are no side effects known from using Farabloc, but if somebody is allergic to stainless steel or nylon (most people are not) you may find discomfort when skin is in contact with the material. In this case, it is recommended that a piece of linen (cotton) is placed between your skin and the Farabloc.